BH Bikes

At BH, we have always adhered to one principle: making lightweight, agile and resistant bikes. Bikes that favour precise changes in rhythm and explosivity with a high level of stiffness that optimises the force of the cyclist and turns their effort and energy during pedalling into speed.

At BH, we have always adhered to one principle: making lightweight, agile and resistant bikes.


  • BH eBikes

    High Performance Electric Bikes

    For over a century, BH has been synonymous with bikes, competitive cycling, and industry leading technology and engineering. Today, we offer high performance electric bikes and acoustic bikes for all cycling disciplines: eMTB, MTB, eUrban, eGravel, Gravel, eCross, and Cyclocross. Our technological innovations, like the ATOM X and XTEP electric mountain bikes, the new G7 Disk range and EVO Ultralight, or the Split Pivot system in the Lynx full suspension MTB, allow us to shape the future and deliver our riders the exclusive BH cycling experience. Our passion and commitment to bikes and to cyclists has made us an icon in the current world of cycling…as well as one of the most established, respected, and internationally successful brands around.

  • BH Emotion

    BH Emotion are electric bicycles equipped with the latest pedal-assist technology. They are a means of transportation that gives you more independence and mobility in the city. It’s a fun way to start cycling if you are new to it, and get you involved in a group sport activity. It is friendly to the environment, healthy, easy to use and maintenance-free. BH has created the definitive range Ebikes.

    Until now, electric bicycles weren’t much more than a standard bicycle with a motor hooked up to the front or rear wheel. But the Emotion goes much further: its pedal-assist system give the user an immediate push with every stroke of the pedal, making it easier to move forward thanks to what is very possibly the first “assist” system to pass every test.

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