Cube Bikes

Cube Bikes. CUBE is a German bicycle manufacturer that produces many types of bike, but is best known for its mountain bikes.

Cube Bikes.


  • Cube Mountain Bikes

    With a hardtail or full suspension bike for every discipline, Cube mountain bikes are ready to hit the dirt running. Cube MTBs are made with advanced carbon and aluminium frame engineering with lightweight designs. Excellent component spec make Cube bikes great value for money. These high-performance mountain bikes are a great choice for every rider from trail novice to pro racer.

    Hardtail mountain bikes like the Cube Aim are available at every price point for every mountain biker from novice to expert. A Cube hardtail mountain bike is ideal for all types of cycling from relaxing canal path rides to XC racing. Full suspension mountain bikes like the Cube Stereo have been developed, with enduro riders who race at the very highest level, to deliver confident MTB trail performance for every MTB rider.

  • Cube Road Bikes

    Cube road bikes have a strong fanbase across the world, even though Cube are still a fairly young brand in the cycling world. Cube design and test their bikes in a purpose built facility in Germany, and pride themselves on their customer-driven development process – instead of building bikes just to satisfy the latest trends, Cube build the bikes that their customers want to ride, and back it up with lots of real-world testing.

  • Cube Hybrid Bikes

    Ideal for commuting, a Cube hybrid bike offers you the best of both the MTB and road worlds with comfortable, fast riding. Cube have a wide variety of different hybrid bikes to cater to all kinds of commuters and city riders, from speed-seekers to leisurely cruisers.

    Both men’s and women’s specific bikes are available with lightweight alloy frames. The Cube Cross features wider, knobbly tyres and a suspension fork to aim at commutes where more challenging surfaces are ridden, while the Hyde Race takes on the traffic with it’s simple and effective internal geared hub. The cruising type should look at the Town Pro, as it provides all the comforts, like mudguards, lights and a rear rack.

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