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In the 1970s, there seem to have been a bikes revolution. This can be seen from the number of great companies on this list that started during this time, hence the 1970s can rightfully be referred to us a bikes revolution era. One such company to be founded in this era is the Taiwan based Merida Industry Co Ltd, that began in 1972.

Founded by Ike Tseng, the company makes about 2.2 million bikes yearly. Their market base is spread across about 77 countries. Merida bikes are characterized by premium prices, stylish designs, and convenience.

In the 1970s, there seem to have been a bikes revolution.


  • e-Bikes

    Give your riding a boost. Merida electric bikes are designed to help you ride further by adding a powerful electric assist to your natural pedalling power. Merida are one of the biggest bike manufacturers on the planet and even have their very own factory so you can be sure that you are getting high performance at incredible value with Merida.

  • Merida Mountain Bikes

    Merida is one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in the world. Their experience and knowledge has made other manufacturers look to them to build their bikes. So, you should be confident in Merida’s ability to deliver a high quality, yet fantastic value for money mountain bike. With hardtails and full suspension bikes of all price ranges and disciplines on offer, you’re sure to find a Merida Mountain bike to fit your riding style.

    The Merida One-Forty is that do-it-all trail bike and comes at a price point that won’t scare off your bank. For fun riding, the Big Trail provides all the smiles you could ask for with its wide tyres and playful geometry, while XC racers will get their focus on with the Big Nine.

  • Merida Road Bikes

    Merida road bikes are built on more than four decades of forward-thinking bicycle manufacturing. Their ‘two minds are better than one’ philosophy has resulted in numerous partnerships all over the world – from their research & development headquarters in Germany, to their world-leading production team in Taiwan, and others in-between.

  • Merida Women’s Bikes

    Merida were quick to acknowledge that women's bikes had to be developed with the exactly the same care and development that they put into their unisex bikes. That is why Merida has a dedicated women's bike range offering exactly the same build quality, care, research and development that you would expect from the unisex bikes. Merida's ladies bikes have a female-oriented design and women’s specific geometry to offer you the very best ride quality along with the perfect fit.

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